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Casual Arts was founded to develop new and exciting products specifically for the casual video games market. This huge and emerging market encompasses many different game genres and a widely diverse target audience. The games are played on an ever expanding range of devices, all with their own unique feature set. The fact that the majority of our titles are downloadable allows us to consiously be a greener, more eco friendly developer by cutting out the more common boxed product devlivery channel. And reducing our carbon footprint is something we should aim to do as much as possible.


As a small development team we aim keep our development budgets down by using third party middleware where we find it gives us an edge. We've trialled many 'game engines' including Unity, Neo Axis, Torque 2D and DX Studio, but we eventually decided to go with Marmalade which is a very lightweight game framework. Some of the engines we trialled are more suited to full blown 3D games and as such come with a larger feature set, but at cost of a much greater overhead. Playfirst gives PC and Mac out of the box and was also rumoured to be planning to support iPhone and iPad, but that functionality has ben shelved for the time being so far as we are aware. It is our current engine of choice but we're always on the lookout for better solutions and we're watching Corona very closely as it seems to have a nice solution for the new platform explision that's occuring.


We continue to develop original downloadable titles which we self publish and also publish with our partners including Gamers Digital and Goggi . Our titles are generally distributed through the major online portals, including Big Fish Games , Game House and IPlay, where all our titles are supplied with a free trial period. This free trial has revolutionised the way games are consumed, putting the gamer in control. No longer can developers pass of poor titles in fancy boxes. The consumer can now preview the title and if it grabs their attention only then will they purchase it. The surrounding support network supplied by the leading portals also provides gamers with a forum to communicate with each other and the developer in an open manner. Gamers help out each other, supplying tips on how to get past some of the more tricky parts of the games and also with an issues they've found. The forums are also a place where gamers review the game in an unbiased way. All of these things help to shape the games we produce, games designed to be played by you!

To see what we mean check out what some real gamers think about our latest title Christmas Wonderland at a couple of extremely popular review sites Gamezebo , and at Game Mile to show the paying public at work!


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